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Why Businesses Need Apps

A roofing company, for example, does not have a frequent repeat buying customer. You only need a new roof every 15-30 years. Yes, you might be called in for some repairs due to storm damage or something of that nature, but all in all, you’re not getting the repeat business that say, a coffee shop or restaurant would expect.

Push Notification..Free Texting

A push notification allows you to send messages to the people that have downloaded and installed your app… here’s the best part… Even when the app isn’t even open! This technology is like have free texting to all of your subscribers.

Mobile Marketing Report

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that mobile marketing is the absolute HOTTEST form of marketing that there is to date, and for good reason. Mobile marketing allows you to connect with people that are actually interested in your types of products or services on a whole new level.

51% of local searches are performed on mobile devices…